Ola's S1 e-scooters to enter the global market

Ola's S1 e-scooters to enter the global market

The company s co-founder and CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, has announced on Twitter that Ola s S 1 scooters are all set to enter the global market. We are taking this global! He wrote on Wednesday afternoon that Nepali consumers will join the revolution by the end of 2022. The MoU with CG Motors in Nepal has been signed with the company as local distributors for its scooters for S 1 and S 1 Pro models.

He said that the global EV revolution has been limited to the West and China. India will have to be the epicenter of change to take the EV revolution to humanity. Ola is committed to creating the EV paradigm for the rest of the world by building half of the vehicles that the world needs right now in India. He said that the international expansion means that India will play a leading role in driving the EV revolution for the world.

The unicorn start-up will be taking the e-scooters soon to the European Union, ASEAN and the Nepalese market.

The platform laid off 200 employees across different software teams after it laid off 200 employees.

Ola Electric, India's largest EV company, has been increasing its focus on non-software engineering domains, with a focus on building and R&D capabilities across vehicle, cell, battery, manufacturing and automation, and autonomous engineering streams, according to a statement in the media. The company currently has around 2,000 engineers and aims to increase its engineering talent pool to 5,000 over the next 18 months. In light of these efforts, the company is coordinating operations and is undertaking a restructuring exercise to minimise redundancy and build a strong lateral structure that strengthens relevant roles and functions. ANI Technologies, the parent company of Ola, said they have already opened 20 experience centers and they plan to take this number to 200 by March next year.