On-chain sleuth claims Logan Paul has been involved in several scams

On-chain sleuth claims Logan Paul has been involved in several scams

Zachxbt, a on-chain sleuth, has struck again with a thread on Logan Paul and his alleged litany of shady dealings within the space.

According to the transaction records, a pseudonymous detective has revealed some of the possible scams Logan Paul has been involved in.

He was able to do this using Paul's public address, 0 xff 0, from which he mapped out how funds were moved in and out of several other addresses. For example, 0 xb 74 transferred several NFTs, including 3 CryptoPunks, to the main public address.

Zachxbt wrote that Logan Paul had promoted several pumps and dump schemes over the course of a year. The first is the ELON token he hyped in a leak video from his page.

The video was released on May 10, 2021, and by May 17, there were records showing Logan had sold his allocation of the token. He made $112 k off the sale.

The next project that Logan promoted was FUCKELON, which appears to be an obsession with the Tesla CEO. He bought it just before he said that the coin is mooning. He dumped the token, making $116 k from the sale.

Logan Paul also promoted the Ethereum Max token in his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. He got free tokens from the project and cashed them out for $71.8 k.

The same token was used to get promotions from other celebrities like Mayweather and Kim Kardashian. The developers and promoters of the token are currently suing those who bought the token.

He got involved in the failed DinkDoink project, which was another pump and dump scheme he got involved in. He hyped the coin with videos and tweets, but it turned out that the coin was his creation.

The influencer also milked his followers with non-fungible NFT projects, beyond the pumps and dumps schemes. One of these was a project called CryptoZoo, which was Adobe stock pictures with nose photoshop.

The project had blacklisted holders after migrating contracts, and the generic nature of the art is less of a problem. Logan Paul, however, claimed that this was a technical problem that has been fixed, but many investors are yet to receive their NFTs.

If the allegations are true, Logan Paul would mean that he represents the crop of influencers who capitalize on the trust of their followers to shill worthless token and make money.