OnetapHELLO launches digital business cards, tags and phones

OnetapHELLO launches digital business cards, tags and phones

With just a tap of a phone or scan of a QR code, you can share information like contact details, social media profiles, business profiles, websites, and much more. They have introduced several NFC based physical products like digital business cards and trendy tags that allow short-distance wireless data transmission between two devices, or between one device and an unpowered tag, all by just one tap on the devices.

Jayesh Narani, an Entrepreneur and Data Governance expert, is the founder and CEO of OnetapHELLO. His vision is to make sustainable networking tools that have a less environmental impact. The belief that printed cards are tossed away when not needed, leading only to paper wastage requiring unnecessary cutting of trees, has been a driving force behind his mission to facilitate easy networking by eliminating the use and exchange of traditional paper business cards. Germinating from his thoughts and beliefs is a digital innovation that uses Near Field Communication NFC technology that allows your phone to establish wireless contact with another NFC-enabled OnetapHELLO device, covering distances of 4 cm or less. The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices that come with NFC features and provides 100% encryption to ensure the privacy of the user's data. The tags and digital cards can be purchased from their website and major e-commerce sites and stores.

OnetapHELLO' is available in four different languages - English, Hindi, Spanish, and French. It strives to eliminate the struggles of remembering hundreds of different contact information and sharing contact details when in a hurry. It is the easiest and niftiest way to share information on the go, because it is a new way of sharing information on the go. The tags and digital cards not only build and reflect your digital image, but they also add personality to your devices, helping you make a style statement.

This technological marvel is about to become more convenient, with a wide range of smartphone users adopting this quirky yet effective method of staying connected, redefining and revolutionising social networking in this ever-evolving digital world.