Pakistan rejects India’s statement over Hindu temple vandalism in Karachi

Pakistan rejects India’s statement over Hindu temple vandalism in Karachi

Pakistan rejected India's statement over the incident of vandalism of a Hindu temple in the southern port city of Karachi and attacked the country over the sufferings of the Muslim community.

Shri Mari Mata Mandir in the J area within the limits of the Korangi police station in Karachi was vandalized by a group of unidentified people in Karachi on Wednesday, the latest attack against the places of worship of the minority community in Pakistan.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs Arindam Bagchi said it was another act in ''the systematic persecution of religious minorities. 'We have conveyed our protest to the Government of Pakistan and urged it to ensure the safety, security and well-being of its minority communities. So that would be our reaction to what you raised, Bagchi said in New Delhi on Thursday.

The Foreign Office FO of Pakistan said in response to the MEA's statement that the government of Pakistan is taking action against the perpetrators of the violence against the Muslim community that is orchestrated by religious fanatics who enjoy full patronage of India's state machinery. An FIR has already been registered against the assailants and efforts are underway to identify and arrest them. They will not escape justice and the Government will deal with them with the full force of law, it said.

The FO asked India to make sure they protect the fundamental rights, lives, and places of worship of minorities in India, particularly Muslims.

The FO said that the unequivocal condemnation of the BJP top leadership and the Indian government, as well as decisive and demonstrable action against the BJP officials who made sacrilegious remarks recently, would be the first step towards healing the sufferings of Muslims in India and the sentiments of Muslims worldwide.

The FO was referring to two former BJP spokespersons' remarks against Prophet Mohammed.

The BJP has suspended its national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi unit media head Naveen Jindal for their controversial remarks about widespread anger in several Gulf countries.

India has said that the remarks do not reflect the views of the government.