Pennsylvania man arrested for threatening FBI on Gab

Pennsylvania man arrested for threatening FBI on Gab

WASHINGTON - A Pennsylvania man was arrested for making threats against the FBI on the right-wing social media site Gab after special agents searched former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate last week.

Adam Bies was charged with influencing, impeding or retaliating against a federal law enforcement official after a Facebook exploitation team in the FBI's National Threat Operations Section referred a tip about a Gab post by the user BlankFocus. According to a FBI affidavit, the bureau's employees deserved to die.

Once you accept reality for what it is instead of what you want or to be, you can move on with your life and prepare for the inevitable outcome. Bies wrote, "I know I'm going to die" at the hands of these piece of shit child molesting law enforcement scumbags. My only goal is to kill more of them before I drop. I will not spend a second of my life in custody. Records show that Bies was taken into custody. Federal prosecutors are asking for him to be held until trial.

The FBI received a tip about Bies from the MERMRI Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned of an increase in threats against law enforcement after the search of Mar-a-Lago last week. A man was killed last week after attacking a FBI field office in Cincinnati.