People at Splendour in the Grass told to stay alert

People at Splendour in the Grass told to stay alert

After the death of a Sydney man who attended Splendour in the Grass last month, people who attended Splendour in the Grass were advised by NSW Health to stay alert for symptoms of meningococcal disease.

From July 21 to 24 all ticket holders of the event in North Byron Parklands received an email on Friday.

NSW Health has been notified about two cases of meningococcal disease in people who attended the Grass festival in 2022, the email said.

Authorities warn that the disease can be severe and people need to act immediately if they see any symptoms, as they can appear suddenly and become serious very quickly.

Authorities were notified yesterday after the man in his 40 s was identified to have had the infection following his death.

Symptoms are non specific, but include a sudden onset of fever, neck stiffness or a red-purple spotted rash.

There have been 15 cases recorded this year in New South Wales, with the disease tending to increase in late winter and early spring.

NSW Health is urging parents and young people to be alert to the symptoms of meningococcal disease, especially those who attended the festival two weeks ago.