PLA says it conducted inter-service combat exercises near Taiwan

PLA says it conducted inter-service combat exercises near Taiwan

The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command recently conducted inter-service combat exercises in the air and waters near Taiwan, according to a spokesman.

The operations were meant to act as a warning to the United States and Taiwan for their recent moves, said the PLA Senior Colonel Shi Yi in a statement released on Wednesday.

The way the US deals with the Taiwan question has been in stark contrast to its commitments to us. It continues to embolden Taiwan independence'' forces. Such hypocritical acts will only cause a dangerous situation and serious consequences for the US, and will only be in vain.

Taiwan is part of China. The theater will firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security, as well as peace and stability in the region, because it will be able to thwart foreign interference and 'Taiwan independence' attempts, and will thwart any foreign interference and taiwan independence attempts, according to Shi.

On Monday, U.S. President Joe Biden said that the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan, a statement that Washington saw as a violation of Washington's commitment to the one-China principle and a new challenge to China's core interests.

Tan Kefei, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, said he was a spokesman. On Wednesday, CN Tan Kefei, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, said that the exercises targeted US-Taiwan collusion and were necessary to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to Tan, China strongly opposes any form of official exchanges and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, and stressed that Taiwan's independence and support is a road to nowhere.

He said that the US does not support the independence of Taiwan on many occasions and that it is sticking to the one-China principle.

He said that the US has been intensifying its efforts in playing the Taiwan card'' to contain China. It will lead to a dangerous situation.

Taiwan is part of China. Tan said that the Taiwan question brooks no foreign interference. He warned that the PLA will continue to be on high alert and take all necessary measures to thwart external forces and Taiwan independence separatist attempts.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that the US attempts to marginalize its one-China policy and instigate Taiwan independence will cause irreversible consequences for Sino-US relations and unbearable costs for the US itself.

The Eastern Theater Command coordinated interservice exercises near Taiwan on April 15, sending naval ships, fighter jets, bomber aircraft and other forces on combat patrols and assault drills.

According to Shi, the operation was arranged in response to the wrong signals from the US about the Taiwan question.

He said that the US's malicious acts and attempts are useless and dangerous and he added that whoever plays with fire will eventually get burnt. The Ministry of National Defense announced on Tuesday night that the PLA Air Force and Russian Air Force have made a joint strategic patrol flight over the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the western Pacific Ocean.