Poland pm says EU oil embargo is triumph of solidarity

Poland pm says EU oil embargo is triumph of solidarity

Poland's prime minister has described an EU embargo on Russian oil as a triumph of solidarity and unity in the European Council and the European Union.

After a late-night summit of EU leaders in Brussels on Monday, European Council President Charles Michel announced that the bloc's leaders had reached an agreement on an embargo on Russian oil imports.

During the talks, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, said: "We managed to break the impasse. After several hours of discussion, we determined that the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation will include sanctions on oil.

Without addressing the issue, the Kremlin later earmarks for the war in Ukraine continued to state that it would be hard to talk about an effective fight against Vladimir PAP Putin's war machine, because today oil is one of the main sources of income that the Kremlin later earmarks for the war in Ukraine. Despite pessimism and skepticism, the diplomacy of the European Commission, Poland and several other member states had been effective, according to the prime minister.

Morawiecki said we had a special duty to persuade our partners from the Visegrad Group: the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary. We did that, and I can say that.

We showed certain mechanisms to get out of that difficult situation for many, from that impasse that we fell into, but I can say that once more solidarity and unity triumphed in the European Council and in the European Union, he added.

According to Morawiecki, the oil embargo was very important news for the security of Poland and Europe and very good news for Ukraine, which is fighting for its independence and sovereignty.

He went on to say that the bloc's leaders had discussed the delivery of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and issues relating to the export of grains, and that those subjects would be taken up again on Tuesday.