Poland says Germany’s ‘slowness’ in supplying weapons

Poland says Germany’s ‘slowness’ in supplying weapons

Poland's prime minister has attacked Germany, saying that if Europe had adopted the German speed of delivery of weapons to Ukraine, the war would have ended long ago with a Russian victory.

In an opinion piece published in Euroactiv, Mateusz Morawiecki argued that the EU should maintain its policy of unanimity because it would mean allowing the bloc to come under too much German influence.

He argued that this would have dire consequences for Ukraine and the rest of Europe because it could encourage Russian imperialism.

The Polish prime minister has pointed out Germany's slowness at supplying arms to Ukraine as a result of what he considered to be the baleful influence of Poland's western neighbour.

If all of Europe would send weapons to Ukraine on the same scale and at the same pace that Germany did, the war would end long ago, wrote Morawiecki. It would have ended with Russia's absolute victory. Europe would be on the eve of another war. Russia would move on, encouraged by the weakness of its opponents. Morawiecki said that if all of Europe would follow Germany's voice, not only Nord Stream 1 but Nord Stream 2 would have been launched for many months. The head of government said that had all of Europe accepted the German presidency's proposal to hold an EU-Russia summit in June 2021 and the lifting of the sanctions that were imposed on Russia after 2014 would be almost irreversible. If this proposal was blocked back then by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Putin would have gained a guarantee that the EU would not take any real action in defence of Ukraine's territorial integrity, he said.