Police in Australia say they have concerns for missing family

Police in Australia say they have concerns for missing family

New South Wales police say they have concerns for a family missing for two days on outback roads in the far west of the state.

Her children Winter Bellamy, 2, and Koda Bellamy, 4, and her 50-year-old grandmother Leah Gooding have been missing since Sunday.

The family was driving in a charcoal Hyundai Tucson with Queensland registration plates 729 CV 2.

On Sunday they left the Noccundra Roadhouse on Warry Gate Road, north of the Queensland border, and a car matching the description was seen driving through Tibooburra in NSW about 3 pm the same day.

Their destination was pre-booked accommodation in Packsaddle, about 220 kilometres from Broken Hill, but they did not check in.

Police from NSW, Queensland and South Australia are searching the Tibooburra area and back roads near Packsaddle, Wilcannia and Broken Hill for the missing family with assistance from helicopters.

The family moved from Queensland to Adelaide, according to Barrier Police District crime manager Tom Aylett.

We do have concerns because it has been 48 hours since they were last sighted and the conditions at the moment are quite cold at night, any food and water sources would be becoming scarce and there is two young people in that vehicle, he said.

One of the clear lines of investigation is that they have taken a wrong turn.

The roads in our part of the world are not what you'd normally find in a city or a major regional area, because everyone knows if you put a GPS into your car or phone and follow it. Anyone with information or possible sightings of the family or their vehicle can contact NSW Crime Stoppers on.

The Nockatunga station, located near the Noccundra Roadhouse, has been the site of searches throughout the day.

Peta Mackay, a station manager, said the station manager and employees had been helping police on the ground and in the air.

She said that they have been looking for the missing family while they are doing their routine mustering work - there have been no signs of them as yet.

If the family had run into trouble on the Wary Gate Road, in the vicinity of Nockatunga Station, rest assured that they would have been located by now.

We are hoping for a good outcome and we are sure there is a reasonable explanation as to what has happened.