Polish regulator probing Apple privacy rules

Polish regulator probing Apple privacy rules

WaRSAW Reuters - Apple faces an investigation in Poland over whether its new rules on privacy and personal data processing for iOS devices violate competition law, Polish antimonopoly watchdog UOKiK said on Monday.

In April, Apple released an update of its iOS operating system with new privacy controls designed to prevent digital advertisers from tracking iPhone users.

The Polish regulator said that Apple's new rules have significantly reduced the ability of third-party apps to obtain personal data in order to send personalised adverts.

UOKiK president Tomasz Chrostny said in a statement that Apple's actions may aim at eliminating competitors in the market for personalised advertising services, but the objective is to better sell their own service.

We will examine whether this is a case of exclusionary abuse of market power. The regulator said it was investigating the issue, but the proceedings are not directed against a particular company.

Apple didn't reply to a request for comment.

The European Union tech chief Margrethe Vestager has warned that Apple shouldn't use privacy and security concerns to fend off competition on its App Store.