Putin, Bin Salman praise Saudi Arabia's cooperation on oil market

Putin, Bin Salman praise Saudi Arabia's cooperation on oil market

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman gave a positive assessment of their cooperation on the OPEC producers group to stabilize the world's oil market, the Kremlin said in a statement.

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Saturday's phone conversation, the leaders second since Russia s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, came at the initiative of Saudi Arabia, the Kremlin said.

The Kremlin said that the two discussed the crises in Yemen and Ukraine, but they didn't provide any details. Saudi Arabia said in a brief statement that the Crown Prince received a phone call from Putin but didn't mention OPEC or energy cooperation.

According to the Saudi readout, they discussed bilateral relations that bring the two countries together and ways to enhance them in various fields.

Bin Salman praised the Kingdom's support for efforts that lead to a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine and to achieve security and stability. Saudi Arabia and other major Persian Gulf oil producers resisted U.S. demands to increase output as prices have surged due to the crisis in Ukraine and concerns about possible sanctions on Russian exports.

Putin s last publicly announced conversation with the Saudi Crown Prince was on March 3, according to the Kremlin.

According to Chinese state television, Bin Salman spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, and also discussed Ukraine, which Beijing is seeking high-level cooperation with Saudi Arabia in energy, trade and high technology.

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