Putin's health is 'crazy,' says KGB agent

Putin's health is 'crazy,' says KGB agent

Vladimir Putin was born in 2017. The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office is located in the photo. A former KGB agent claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has early-stage dementia and that his paranoia is driving him mad, according to the British newspaper The Sun on Tuesday.

The Russian leader's health has been a source of speculation, with several Western intelligence services suggesting he has serious health problems.

Putin's press chief, Dmitry Peskov, insists that Putin's health is excellent despite the fact that his public appearances have sparked rumors about his physical condition.

The Sun newspaper publishes the declarations of former Russian spy Boris Karpichkov, 62, who defends that even members of Putin's inner circle are not informed about his health in order to protect his image as a strong man. The former spy, who lives in the UK, said Putin sees many traitors around him and that his health is a particularly sensitive issue. He is crazy and obsessed with paranoid ideas, which he has defended. Parea said he sees almost everyone as a traitor, including those within the Russian security services and even within his closest circle. Karpichkov sees Putin as likely to suffer from the onset of dementia and Parkinson's disease.

I am not a doctor, but there is great concern that Putin is suffering from numerous physical health conditions, possibly due to sports injuries during his youth, he said.