Putin’s image shows Kremlin trying to turn narrative on head

Putin’s image shows Kremlin trying to turn narrative on head

Russian President Vladimir Putin is training at the Luzhsky training range during the main stage of the joint Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises. Photo: Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin is trying to turn the narrative and information battle on its head. Russia is trying to generate a favorable climate abroad, with nearly a majority of international public opinion condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow is coordinating demonstrations across Europe in favor of its invasion of Ukraine, according to the Mirror. In recent weeks, cities such as Berlin, Dublin, Hannover, Frankfurt and Athens have hosted demonstrations with the use of Russian flags and images of Putin.

Some experts believe that this is a telltale sign that Moscow has organized them en masse because the demonstrations often take place at the same time, despite being hundreds of kilometers apart.

According to experts, Russian expatriates living in neighboring countries should hold demonstrations in order to promote the war, according to the Kremlin's federal agency, Rossotrudnichestvo.

On Friday, Belgrade was the scene of a demonstration in which hundreds of people participated in a march with pictures of Putin and T-shirts marked with the letter Z.

It was the latest in a series of shows of support for a cause that is seen sympathetically among many Serbs, who have anti-Western sentiments dating back to 1999 when NATO forced Belgrade to give up Kosovo.

Moscow is concerned about the lack of genuine support for its invasion of Ukraine. As an associate professor of Russian politics at University College London, Ben Noble, associate professor of Russian politics, said that the Russian authorities view controlling those optics as an important thing.