Puyo Puyoringo: puzzle game created by Aomori Prefecture

Puyo Puyoringo: puzzle game created by Aomori Prefecture

AOMORI Puyoringo, an apple-themed puzzle game created by the Aomori Prefectural Government in northern Japan to promote the prefecture's apples, is now available on their tourism planning division's Twitter account The game, which is based on the popular puzzle game Puyo Puyo, was unveiled on November 23. It has created a buzz on social media, with people saying they cannot distinguish between the apples and that it is super difficult.

Puyoringo is played with pictures of eight types of apples produced in the prefecture. It was created by a team in charge of social media in line with the apple harvesting season, using programming materials provided by Tokyo-based video game giant Sega Corp., which developed Puyo Puyo. Players have to quickly identify the apples that fall from above, and try to erase them by lining them up by type. They then compete for the harvest score, which is the amount of apples that are erased. There are three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and difficult. As the difficulty level increases, the variety of apples increases and the speed at which they fall. The game ends when the apples pile up to the top of the screen.

The apple varieties that appear are all red, and it is quite difficult for apple lovers to tell them apart.

Sakiko Mikami, a division official who was involved in the creation of the game, said some people said the game was difficult, but I hope that people will enjoy it and that it will be an opportunity for people to learn about apples grown in the prefecture.