Qualcomm to unveil its next flagship SoC at its event

Qualcomm to unveil its next flagship SoC at its event

Reports state that some significant branding changes are also on the cards, besides expecting to see the company's next flagship SoC System on Chip at the event.

It is easy to navigate through the names of the SoCs from the same series, because it is relatively easy to distinguish between Qualcomm's high-end Snapdragon SoCs from the mid-range and entry-level ones.

The name of Qualcomm has changed a lot over the last few years, and it has introduced a wide variety of products across its Snapdragon series. It is intended to simplify the whole process, making it easier for the average user to understand and identify products.

The company is going to bring some branding changes to modernise, streamline, and simplify its product portfolio. This will kick off with the new Snapdragon that will be revealed on November 30th.

The company is separating the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands for starters. Snapdragon is going to be a standalone product brand with specificties to the Qualcomm brand when appropriate. The new Snapdragon branding will include representative colors like Gold, Snapdragon Red, Midnight, Gunmetal, and Nickel. The iconic fireball logo will be refreshed with new visual assets. There will be premium-tier products across the Snapdragon portfolio. All badges are getting a redesign to sport cleaner and more modern looks.

The company will follow a simplified and consistent naming structure for Snapdragon platforms to make it easier for users to choose devices. The mobile platforms of Snapdragon will have a single-digit series and generation number. This is aligned with how Qualcomm s other product categories are named and will be seen first with the upcoming Snapdragon 8 series platform.

Since it has become ubiquitous across the Snapdragon product range, the company has dropped 5 G from the names of SoCs, and no longer needs to be included in the name. Qualcomm's automotive portfolio is now Snapdragon-branded at both the experience and platform layer, for example, Snapdragon Ride Platforms.

Qualcomm has no information about what its next-gen flagship SoC will be called, but November 30 is almost here.