Qualcomm to work with Google on its chips

Qualcomm to work with Google on its chips

In conjunction with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, Qualcomm also announced a collaboration with Google Cloud at the Snapdragon Summit 2021. This collaboration is going to bring Google's Neural Architecture Search to Qualcomm platforms with an aim to speed up the development of AI models.

Qualcomm is going to be the first SoC customer to offer Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search services with Google s services. This is going to be first available on the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform and then on other platforms across the Snapdragon portfolio, including IoT, automotive, mobile, and XR.

In May this year, Google Cloud announced the Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search and it is a unified platform for developing, deploying, and maintaining AI models. As Google says, training models with Vertex AI require more than 80 per cent fewer lines of code than other training platforms. The company said that Vertex AI is the same toolkit that powers computing vision, language, structured data, etc. Qualcomm is focused on the Neural Architecture Search to optimise AI models because of the various tools it consists of in Vertex AI. Vertex AI's Neural Architecture Search is going to be integrated into Qualcomm's Neural Processing SDK and will run on the Qualcomm AI Engine.

With this collaboration, Qualcomm Technologies will be able to build and optimize new AI models in weeks rather than months, and we are thrilled with the impact this will have on people using Snapdragon-powered devices, said June Yang, vice president of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud.