Rancher says there has been an 'invasion of our area' under Joe Biden

Rancher says there has been an 'invasion of our area' under Joe Biden

Rancher Tim Ward is a long time Texan whose life has changed drastically since the Trump Administration overstated border policies.

He told FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo that the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration is disturbing and his once peaceful life no longer exists under Biden s leadership.

In the last eight to nine months, Ward said, there has been an invasion of our area.

The fourth generation Kinney County resident described his experience with illegal immigration over the years. In the past a light amount of migrants moved across from border town. However, the quantity has skyrocketed since Biden took office.

They are illegal immigrants come well-equipped, they come with new clothing and they come with a desire to get what they can get from us, Ward told the Mornings with Maria host.

The Texas rancher explained that most of the migrants he encounters are making their way to U.S. cities. He recounted one incident with immigration migrants that were on traveling to Uvalde in San Antonio.

After pointing them in the direction of Ward, the migrants demanded a ride from San Antonio. He declined, but the migrants proceeded to approach Ward's vehicle. After Ward lightly put his hand on the pistol located on the dashboard of his car, the migrants backed down and left his property.

Although the rancher is not afraid of his life, he carries his pistol everywhere he goes.

The struggle of running into immigrants crossing the U.S. border is an everyday occurrence for Ward.

They re here everyday, he said. We see the debris, they leave the footprints, we see the fences cut and so we know they are here, he further explained.

Illegal border crossings decreased dramatically in this year. Recently, the Fox Flight Team saved more than $100 million worth of unutilized border material that went to waste after the administration terminated border wall contracts amid record-breaking border crossings.

I know he would be doing something said Ward if this was happening in Delaware. I feel like he abandons us. He had no care for the people of this state, of this area, and we re extremely disappointed in him, he said.

Biden and vice president Kamala Harris have not yet visited the southern border of the U.S. to observe the migrant crisis, known as a humanitarian crisis to some. Ward told FOX Business Baritromo that Biden shouldn't be ashamed of himself for his inability to guide the subject.

The thought that he was trusted with the highest office of this land and a state, that he will abandon his citizens for just political favoritism is a very serious error on his part, Ward said.