Reid: Joe Biden 'is mentally unable to do anything'

Reid: Joe Biden 'is mentally unable to do anything'

Former Trump senior policy adviser Eric Reid warned that President Biden is proving his opposition to immigration enforcement with his nomination of Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Stephen Miller to lead ICE.

Gonzalez told Miller on Friday that Gonzalez is a radical who seeks to undermine the very institution of U.S. Immigration law?

The choice of Gonzalez to head ICE epitomizes the problem, he said. He, as sheriff in Texas, terminated an agreement with the federal government known as 287 - G. What that means is it is an agreement whose sole purpose is to find dangerous criminals and remove them

Miller said the policy opposed by Gonzalez trains police to locate illegal aliens that happen to be dangerous immigrants and has them flagged to ICE, who removed them from the United States.

So you're talking about a guy that terminated this program and who has advocated for sanctuary cities that shield criminals. What kind of message does that send to courageous men and women of ICE? He argued.

Miller called Biden an ICE officer's worst enemy and explained that the White House's apparent disregard for enforcing federal immigration law proves a corrupt bargain was forged with radical elements of his Democratic Party.

Miller told host Larry Kudlow that while many Biden critics attribute some of his policy proposals to claims he has failing personal faculties, the Gonzalez nomination shows he instead has simply invited far left to usurp control of the administration's directives.

They don't want ICE to do anything, Miller argued. I wish I could say, 'Oh, well, Joe Biden is mentally unable to do anything and that's why it all falls apart. He made a corrupt bargain with the Marxists in his administration where he is letting them do everything they want to do.

Therefore he gets to sit there in the Oval Office. That, Larry, is worse than incompetence. If confirmed, Gonzalez would succeed acting ICE Director Tae Johnson who has held that position since the waning days of the Trump administration.