Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Infosys top five valued firms in market value

Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Infosys top five valued firms in market value

Three of the top five valued firms added together Rs 1,78, 650.71 crore to their market value last week, led by Reliance Industries.

The benchmark BSE Sensex climbed 1,532 last week. 77 points or 2.90 per cent are currently at 77 points or 2.90 per cent.

Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank and Hindustan Unilever were among the winners from the top five, but Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys emerged as the laggards.

The market value of Reliance Industries went up by Rs 1,31, 320.8 crore to reach Rs 17,73, 889.78 crore.

Hindustan Unilever added Rs 30,814. 89 took its value to Rs 5,46, 397.45 crore. HDFC Bank's market value jumped to 16,515. 02 crore was up to Rs 7,33, 156.15 crore.

In contrast, the market cap of Tata Consultancy Services went up by 43,743. 96 crores were raised by the government to Rs 12,05, 254.93 crore.

The value of Infosys was eroded by Rs 20,129. 66 crore was spent on Rs 6,12, 303.26 crore.

Reliance Industries was the leader in the ranking of top-five valued firms, followed by HDFC Bank, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services and Hindustan Unilever.

The country's largest insurer LIC on Tuesday made a lacklustre debut on the stock exchanges, listing at over 8 per cent discount.

Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC also earned a place in the 10 most valued firms on Tuesday's debut trading day.

LIC is now at 6th place in the list of top 10 valued companies by market value. It has a market value of Rs 5,22, 602.94 crore.

ICICI Bank is the 7th place with a valuation of Rs 4,93, 251.86 crore, followed by State Bank of India Rs 4,12, 763.28 crore HDFC Rs 3,99, 512.68 crore and Bharti Airtel Rs 3,77, 686.72 crore.