Robots that can cook hamburgers to order are now available in Jersey City

Robots that can cook hamburgers to order are now available in Jersey City

More and more companies in the food industry have added automated processes and robots to their business plans over the past several years. One company is taking things a step further by introducing a robot-in-a-box that can cook hamburgers to order.

The RoboBurger is open for business at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, N.J. According to a press release obtained by FOX Business, the device uses Pat LaFrieda meat and artisanal buns.

The robot is built into a 12 square-foot box that plugs into a traditional wall socket. It includes a refrigerator, a griddle and a cleaning unit.

The cooking process consists of five steps and is designed to replicate what human chefs do when cooking a burger. The patty is grilled, the buns are toasted, the condiments are dispensed and the whole burger is assembled before being delivered to the customer.

The process takes about six minutes to complete.

Many restaurants are adding robots to help out human chefs in the kitchen, despite the fact that this device is entirely robotic.

FOX Business previously reported that Chipotle is testing a chip-making robot at its innovation hub in Irvine, California. The device will be integrated into one of the chain's restaurants in Southern California later this year.

According to a press release, Chippy, as the robot is named, is capable of cooking and seasoning Chipotle's popular chips. Miso Robotics designed the robot to fit Chipotle's specific needs.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to replicate Chipotle's chip recipe, which uses corn masa flour, water and sunflower oil. After the chips are baked, they are coated with salt and a hint of lime juice.