Russia, China hope to open bridge with symbolic meaning

Russia, China hope to open bridge with symbolic meaning

Russia and China are hoping that a new bridge with symbolic meaning will be opened on Friday in hopes of boosting trade as Moscow continues to feel the effects of the sanctions imposed by the West over its bridge connecting Blagoveshchensk, Russia, to Heihe, China, over the Amur river, which will slash the travel distance of Chinese goods into western Russia by 930 miles, a move that Moscow believes will grow to $200 billion by the year 2024, according to a report by the Russian and Chinese

In today's divided world the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe bridge between Russia and China carries a special symbolic meaning, Yuri Trutnev, the Kremlin representative in the Russian Far East, was quoted by the news agency as saying.

The bridge took around four years and $342 million to build.

Rebekah Koffler, a former DIA intelligence officer and author of Putin's Playbook: Russia's Secret Plan to defeat America, told Fox Business Russia and China are deepening their relations as part of the so-called no-limits partnership that Xi Jinping announced around the time of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

She continued that Russia and China are not true allies, despite the fact that Moscow and Beijing always publicize their relationship as strategic partners. They are a marriage of convenience as Russia views China as its security threat No. After the U.S. and NATO, they were in second place.

She said that Russia and China's increased collaboration, which includes joint military exercises, can present a serious security and geopolitical challenge to the United States.