Russian FM Lavrov praises Jaishankar for his stand on imports

Russian FM Lavrov praises Jaishankar for his stand on imports

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov praised Indian counterpart S Jaishankar for his tough stand on Russian imports despite Western pressures. He called Jaishankar a real patriot for stating that India will decide its foreign policy after pressures from Moscow on imports due to the Ukraine war.

EAM Jaishankar is a seasoned diplomat and a patriot of his country when he said we will be making the decision for our country based on what India believes it needs for its development for its security. Not too many countries can say something like this, he said in an interview with India Today.

Lavrov pointed out that his country can't depend on the West for food security, defence, and other strategic sectors. He stated that Russia is open to cooperation with countries that do not use illegal, illegitimate measures in violation of the UN charter. India is one of those. He said that we cooperate bilaterally.

Russia supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make in India scheme, because he said that relationship started as a strategic partnership and transformed into a privileged strategic partnership. Lavrov said the production of goods needed by India was moved to Indian territory.

Technology transfer in the context of defence cooperation is absolutely unavoidable for any of India's outside partners, the minister said.