Russian forces build torture prison in Ukraine, MP claims

Russian forces build torture prison in Ukraine, MP claims

Russian forces have built a torture prison in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, where more than 100 people are believed to be held captive, a Ukrainian MP has claimed.

On Wednesday, Lesia Vasylenko, a Ukrainian lawyer and politician serving as People's Deputy of Ukraine, said Russian soldiers have been imprisoned in Kherson, the first and only major city in Ukraine to have fallen since Russia began its invasion of the country on February 24.

A social media user took to twitter to reveal that vehicles with the letter Z, which is believed to represent Russian forces, appeared on a Kherson beach daily at 5 a.m. where they dispose of black bags in the water. It is not known what the bags contain. The social media user also noted that people living near the area do not want to know what the bags hold.

Every day at 5 am on the old beach, Lily arrives in a car with the letter Z with a trailer and throws some black bags into the water, the user wrote. People don't know what kind of bags they are. They want not to know. After Tom Mutch, a journalist in Ukraine for New Lines Magazine, published a report on a 23-year-old resistance organizer, he detailed the suffering he experienced at the hands of Russian soldiers while he was held in captivity.

The resistance organizers said they cut their hands with their bayonets, broke their ribs with their boots and shot next to our heads as we lay face down on a cold floor. They said they had already started digging their victims' graves. They said they already had dead bodies in it, including civilians. We were the lucky ones who were let go after hours of torture. I would strongly advise against falling into their hands. In early April, the human rights ombudswoman for Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova revealed that elderly civilians from besieged cities in the country were brutally tortured and killed by Russian soldiers during the war, as reported by