Russian Foreign Ministry lists violations against Russians abroad

Russian Foreign Ministry lists violations against Russians abroad

A paper by the Foreign Ministry lists violations against Russian nationals in almost 40 countries.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine offensive in late February, a report by the Russian Foreign Ministry has revealed widespread violations of the rights of Russians abroad.

The ministry stressed in a paper published on Wednesday that total discrimination against Russians is currently taking place in many Western countries.

The report detailed incidents from nearly 40 nations, with the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states blamed for the gravest infringements.

The report said the most common violations included refusing to provide educational, medical, banking and other services to Russians, as well as sanctions against businessmen from the country and seizure of property belonging to those from Russia.

The document claims that there have been attempts to make Russians in Western countries publicly repent and condemn the actions of Russian authorities in Ukraine.

The report states how athletes have been banned from various international competitions, while artists, including musicians, have been sidelined from festivals, competitions and other cultural events.

The report said that the anti-Russian sentiment has resulted in attacks, threats, insults and deliberate damage to property, and that people have been fired from their jobs and evicted from apartments they rented because of their nationality.

Not only have ordinary citizens been subjected to attacks and provocations, but Russian diplomats as well. Such acts took place exclusively in the states that are waging a sanctions war against our country. Their massive and organized nature allows you to conclude that the attacks were planned, the ministry pointed out.

One of the examples provided in the report was the decision by the UK authorities to switch off the panic button, a function that alerts the police about emergency situations, at the Russian embassy in London and at the residence of the country's ambassador.

The ministry said it was concerned about the discrimination against Russian children, who are often humiliated and insulted by their classmates, behavior to which their teachers turn a blind eye. It insisted that all this shows the depth and scale of rassophobic moods in Western society.

The harassment of Russian students has been particularly prevalent in Germany and has been perpetrated by both pupils and teachers, according to the document details. Many schools in the country teach classes that discredit Russia and misinterpret the events in Ukraine, and those who refuse to attend are threatened with expulsion, according to the report.

The Foreign Ministry assured that it will keep using diplomatic means to protect the rights of Russian citizens abroad while keeping track of any further violations.