Russian soldiers kill their own soldiers in Ukraine

Russian soldiers kill their own soldiers in Ukraine

A column of pro-Russian troops was destroyed. Ukrainian soldiers, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. According to several captured Russian soldiers revealed Tuesday by a Ukrainian journalist, Putin's commanders have allegedly massacred their own soldiers instead of assisting them on the battlefield, according to a report by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

A lieutenant colonel has been accused of shooting dead several soldiers as they lay wounded.

After finding thousands of dead bodies of Ukrainian civilians in Kiev's northern cities, such as Bucha, it has now emerged that Russian barbarism is not only directed at Ukrainians, as soldiers report brutal killings by their own forces.

Captured troops have confessed, amongst others, how a commandant asked a wounded soldier if he could walk, and when the man replied that he could not, the officer killed him.

Their testimonies are recorded in a video by a Ukrainian journalist, Volodymir Zolkin, who has chronicled Russian captives for Open Media Ukraine. One soldier told how the commanders had finished their wounded. They were all young, they said, They could have been rescued, helped, taken out of there. He shot them dead. Kremlin sources, asked by Russian media about the soldiers' confessions, have assured that they have no information about the bodies of the dead soldiers or the wounded in Ukraine.