Ryanair cabin crew in Spain plan strike

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain plan strike

MADRID Reuters - Spain-based cabin crew at Ryanair plan to strike for 12 days this month in order to demand better working conditions, the USO and SICTPLA unions said on Saturday, raising the possibility of travel chaos as the summer tourist season gets under way.

The final day of the crews' current strike began on Thursday and forced Ryanair to cancel 10 flights in Spain on Saturday.

The unions said that the crews of the aircraft will strike on July 12 -- 15, July 18 -- 21 and July 25 -- 28 at the 10 Spanish airports where Ryanair operates.

The unions and crew of Ryanair want a change of attitude from the airline, as they said in a statement, calling for Ryanair to resume negotiations on working conditions.

The unions urged the government not to allow Ryanair to violate labour legislation and constitutional rights such as the right to strike Airline workers across Europe as the sector adapts to the resumption of travel after the Pandemic lockdowns.

Spain-based cabin crew at easyJet are striking for nine days this month for higher pay. The airline had to cancel five flights from Spain on Saturday.

Workers at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport went on strike on Friday and Saturday, forcing the cancellation of about 10% of flights.