Samsung is out of stock for its Freestyle projector

Samsung is out of stock for its Freestyle projector

Remember the projectors our teachers used in elementary school, and how so often the projection s frame was some sort of trapezoid? Newer projectors correct for this and much more and Samsung's brand new The Freestyle home projector takes that ability to the extreme.

Samsung s new projector is one of the many new launches that came out of last week CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show. Among others we featured were a 98-inch TCL TV, a lit exercise bike from Echelon and new wireless earbuds from Jabra. There were also announcements for upcoming releases, like the new Lenovo ThinkPads and the PlayStation VR 2 headset. The Freestyle projector stood out for its unique features and best-in-class versatility even with all the crazy contraptions on display at CES 2022.

Samsung's The Freestyle Projector is out of stock. The Freestyle rotates 180 degrees and automatically levels the picture and adjusts its focus, Samsung says. It's possible to point it at any angle and let the Freestyle deal with the hassle of orienting the picture, framing it in a rectangle, clarifying it and so on - all with 1080 p HD resolution. The Samsung Smart TV platform is built-in, so you can check into your video and music streaming services and control it using your voice assistants. A built-in speaker equips a 5 watt woofer and 360 degree output, producing what the company calls immersive and cinematic sound. If you want to watch on the move, the projector is compatible with portable chargers, too - did I mention it weighs under 2 pounds and can project a clear picture up to 100 inches diagonally?

Even though the company originally had a preorder period set through Jan. 23rd, the popular projector is out of stock. We will keep you updated when the Freestyle is back in stock, with details on where to find it and the best prices among them. Because we expect this new projector to remain popular, you will want to nab this up quickly if you can.