Shehmet Oz reveals why Pennsylvania oil refineries are being shut down

Shehmet Oz reveals why Pennsylvania oil refineries are being shut down

On Mornings with Maria Tuesday, Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz revealed the first issue he would address in office, tackling what he claimed to be the single biggest driver of inflation. Overturning President Biden's moratorium on federal drilling and restarting Pennsylvania's oil refineries is a priority according to the television health expert-turned-Senate-candidate. Why would you shut down the ability to drill on federal lands? One-third of our energy is in that region, said Dr. Oz, spokeswoman for FOX Business Maria Bartiromo. They are our lands by the way. Everyone can hear my voice right now: Those are our lands. We should be allowed to harvest energy. Dr. Oz called uncapping U.S. oil a national security imperative, and said it contributes to a bigger story here. They're afraid that some middle-level bureaucrats are going to pass some FERC law or regulation that's going to shut them down, according to Dr. Oz. It is not possible to have pipelines shut down after hundreds of millions of dollars of investments. Nobody is going to invest if you make the decisions arbitrarily. The science and health expert said that America s regulatory process needs to focus on fundamentals.

Dr. Oz said that my doctor, my scientist hat on The Green New Deal can't work scientifically, in the way that it's been written and timeliness is articulated. We can play science fiction down the road, and I want renewable energy sources, and we all do. To protect our environment, we need to get natural gas out of the ground. Dr. Oz, who pulled ahead of the Republican contender David McCormick after a recount to win the Senate primary, argued that Pennsylvania has an opportunity to fix record high gas prices.

In Pennsylvania, we have lower energy prices, but it could be a ton lower, which would drop inflation and make us energy independent, providing us national security, Dr. Oz said.

Make the right decision for our country by protecting our environment and protecting our people at the same time.