Six killed in helicopter crash in West Virginia

Six killed in helicopter crash in West Virginia

Six people were dead on Wednesday after a helicopter crashed in Logan County, West Virginia, authorities said.

The helicopter involved in the incident was a Vietnam-era aircraft used for tourism purposes, according to a local NBC affiliate.

The Logan County Office of Emergency Management said the crash occurred around 4: 45 p.m. near Kelly Hollow.

As the first responders arrived on the scene, they were able to confirm that six people had been killed in the crash, it said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said a Bell UH-1 B helicopter had crashed near Route 17 in Logan County.

Ray Bryant, who was at the scene of the crash and is the chief of operations for the Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, told WSAZ-TV, an NBC News affiliate in Huntington Beach, West Virginia, that the Vietnam-era Huey helicopter was being used for tourism flights.

Bryant told The New York Times that the tail number of the helicopter was N 98 F.

The N 98 F was featured this week at the 7th Annual Huey Reunion, hosted by Marpat Aviation at Logan County Airport, with aviation enthusiasts able to ride in or fly the plane for a donation, according to Marpat's website. The event was planned to run from Tuesday to Sunday.

The N 98 F was used during the Vietnam War and has since appeared in a number of films including Die Hard, The Rock and Baywatch, according to Marpat's website. Marpat was contacted by NBC News.

A number of agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, West Virginia State Police and National Highway Safety, responded to Wednesday's crash. The Logan County Office of Emergency Management said the National Transportation Safety Board is leading an investigation into the incident.