Somali parliament elects former President in 3rd round runoff vote

Somali parliament elects former President in 3rd round runoff vote

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud speaks after his election victory at the Halane military camp in Mogadishu, Somalia on May 15, 2022. A AP MOGADISHU - The Somalian parliament has elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country's new president in a third round runoff in an election that has been delayed for over a year.

The 67-year-old Mohamud, the former Somalian president in 2012 -- 2017 won 214 votes from lawmakers, defeating incumbent President Mohamed Farmajo, who received 110 votes. After the vote, Mohamud was sworn in.

Mohamud was born in Hiran region in central Somalia and graduated from Somali National University in 1981 and obtained a master's degree from Bhopal University in India. He was an academic as well as a civic activist. He worked for several national and international organizations.

Farmajo, who was seeking a third term in office, conceded his defeat.

A total of 328 lawmakers, including 274 lawmakers from the Lower House and 54 Senators, cast a ballot, which will put an end to the long-overdue electoral process in the country.

The presidential election was held 15 months behind schedule as the COVID 19 epidemic, severe drought, insecurity and differences among Somali leaders postponed the parliamentary elections to April.

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Sunday's vote was held at a heavily guarded airport hangar in Mogadishu, amid threats from the Al Qaeda terrorist group. A curfew and a no-fly zone in the city was imposed by the police to prevent attacks from a militant group that has been trying to overthrow the government.