StLTECH, Robin. teamed up to create 5 G Enterprise Platform

StLTECH, Robin. teamed up to create 5 G Enterprise Platform

San Jose California USA January 13 ANI PNN, a leader in Kubernetes data management for enterprise applications and 5 G solutions, announced a strategic collaboration with STL NSE: STLTECH, an industry-leading integrator of digital networks.

The Xaas solution will use the STL Enterprise Marketplace Platform and the Robin Cloud-Native Platform CNP to deliver enterprise applications and 5 G services effectively.

The integrated marketplace solution will enable CSPs to deliver new revenue models and customer onboarding while keeping service delivery costs in check, because it will be built on the foundation of cloud-native, zero-touch automation and open architectures. Partha Seetala, founder and CEO of, said a marketplace solution built by STL and for service providers and enterprises will disrupt the way XaaS frameworks are built and delivered.

STL Enterprise Marketplace is a platform-based model that simplifies collaboration and opens up multi-sided marketplace opportunities. STL offers end-to- end software solutions for creating new-age digital services, building new business models, and opening new revenue streams.

It brings together service providers, partners, and enterprise customers from different verticals on the same platform. Robin CNP provides storage, network management and scheduling to run complex network workloads from application vendors and partners across a wide range of use cases. The synergy provides a complete platform for partnership, collaboration and co-creation for enterprise telco customers.

STL has been supporting a hybrid network ecosystem with its 5 G Enterprise Marketplace and 5 G monetization initiatives in its effort to bring innovative XaaS offerings faster to the market. In this strategic partnership, we bring our Enterprise Marketplace Platform to to create seamless cloud infrastructure management for multi-datacenter, multi-cloud and multi-edge ecosystems, and realize their vision on 5 G, IoT and WiFi. There is a growing trend amongst the Communications Service Providers CSPs to become an enterprise platform provider to leverage the huge opportunities it provides. The STL Enterprise Marketplace Platform, paired with Robin Multi-Data Center Automation Platform MDCAP and Robin CNP, equips service providers with the technology needed to break in and dominate the enterprise XaaS market. The collaboration gave telcos an agile and scalable automation solution for 5 G designed to help reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

STL is an industry-leading integrator of digital networks that helps telcos, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises deliver enhanced experiences to their customers. STL provides end-to-end, 5 G-ready solutions ranging from wired to wireless, design to deployment, and computing connectivity. Our core capabilities lie in Optical Interconnect, Virtualized Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration. provides cloud-native capabilities that automate deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of enterprise and 5 G applications on Kubernetes. Application bundles and application pipelines are automated through patented infrastructure and application-topology awareness technology, which is the basis of the company's core technology. allows developers and platform engineers to deploy and manage data quickly and network centric applications - including big data, NoSQL and 5 G -- independent of infrastructure resources. Robin is used worldwide by companies such as BNP Paribas, Palo Alto Networks, Rakuten Mobile, SAP, Sabre and USAA. solutions are recognized by Gartner, IDC, GigaOm and others for their innovation and reliability.