Suomaa asks parties to respond to settlement proposal

Suomaa asks parties to respond to settlement proposal

Suomaa asked the parties to the labour dispute to respond to the settlement proposal by April 10th, at 10 am. The proposal applies only to workers in the pulp division of the UPM.

The Paperworkers Union stated that it intends to continue negotiations with other business divisions under the guidance of the national conciliator while mulling over the settlement proposal, adding that finding agreements that apply to all of its members is a precondition for accepting the proposal.

The union had previously insisted on proceeding with the negotiations one business division at a time.

Juha Kri inen, the director of pulp operations at UPM in Finland, said he is pleased that we have entered a stage in the negotiations where the conciliator has determined that it is possible to submit a settlement proposal. I am hopeful that an agreement can be struck and that we can start up the plants as soon as possible. The Paperworkers Union emphasised yesterday that both parties should return to the negotiating table with realistic goals and a readiness to reach a quick settlement. The negotiations are scheduled to continue on Wednesday.