Swedish politician to get second chance to form government

Swedish politician to get second chance to form government

STOCKHOLM, Nov 25 Reuters -- Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson, who resigned just hours after winning the backing of Congress as prime minister earlier this week, will get a second chance to form a government, the speaker of parliament said on Thursday.

Andersson resigned as prime minister on Wednesday after the budget bill was defeated in parliament, prompted by the decision by the Greens to leave the government. Before she decided to step aside, she had not had time to take over the job of Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Lofven when she was elected by the Parliament.

The speaker told a news conference that the intention is to nominate Magdalena Andersson to the post of Sweden's prime minister later this afternoon.

Andersson is highly likely to win a second confirmation vote in the Riksdag, with no other obvious candidate.

The vote is expected to be held on November 29.

The speakers stated Wednesday's events were incomprehensible to the Swedish people and that the parties' actions damaged faith in parliament, in the political system and in politicians themselves.

Andersson's tribulations are the result of a fragmented parliament where neither the centre- left nor centre-right blocs can form a majority government, in large part due to the rise of the anti-immigration nationalists, the Sweden Democrats.

Like her predecessor, Andersson hoped to govern with support from the Left and Centre parties as the head of a minority coalition with the Greens. The Greens quit the coalition because of the fact that the Centre party refused to back the budget.

Andersson will try to form a single-party, minority government. The Social Democrats have 100 seats in the 349 seat parliament. Sweden is due to hold a general election in September next year.