Taiwan says never was told about meeting for chip manufacturers

Taiwan says never was told about meeting for chip manufacturers

The economy ministry said that Taiwan had never been told about a meeting for a new U.S.- led group of major microchip manufacturers, and that the island has always cooperated closely with the United States on supply chains.

South Korea's foreign minister said on Thursday that Seoul is expected to attend a preliminary meeting for the so-called Chip 4 group.

The United States proposed similar ideas, but there was no specific content in a statement to Reuters late on Thursday, Taiwan's economy ministry said our side doesn't yet have any relevant information on a notice about the meeting In past exchanges and dialogue between Taiwan and the United States.

The ministry said that Taiwan and the United States are important partners in the area of supply chain resilience and industrial cooperation.

The government will pay attention if there are follow-up developments in the meetings reported by the media. It didn't elaborate.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd TSMC is a major Apple Inc supplier and home to the world's largest contract chip maker.

Taiwan wanted to show the United States, its most important international backer at a time of rising military tensions between Taipei and Beijing, that it is a reliable friend and supplier as a global chip crunch affects auto production and consumer electronics.