Taiwan thanks US for taking concrete action to maintain peace

Taiwan thanks US for taking concrete action to maintain peace

TAIPEI: Taiwan's foreign ministry expressed sincere gratitude to the United States for taking concrete actions to maintain security and peace in the Taiwan Strait and the region on Saturday.

Kurt Campbell, US-based Indo-Pacific coordinator, said on Friday that China overreacted to the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, which set off days of war games by Beijing around the island, which China views as its own territory.

Taiwan's foreign ministry said on Saturday that China's unprovoked military and economic intimidation had strengthened the unity and resilience of the global democratic camp even though Beijing's largest military drills around the island, following Pelosi's visit last week, seemed to be scaling down, despite the fact that Beijing's largest-ever military drills around the island, despite Pelosi's visit last week.

At a rally on Saturday in southern Taiwan for local elections scheduled for November 9, Tsai said they were not just facing rival candidates, but also that the Chinese Taiwanese are very enthusiastic and love freedom and democracy, so many good international friends have come to Taiwan to support us. She said that this is normal and good, but China threatens and intimidates Taiwan.

I would like to assure everyone that both our government and military are prepared, and I will definitely take care of Taiwan.