Taiwan university official found dead in hotel room

Taiwan university official found dead in hotel room

Ou Yang Li-hsing, 57, the deputy head of the military-owned National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology, was found dead in a hotel room in southern Pingtung County on Saturday morning, the institute said.

Wang Chin-tsung, a pre-cinct deputy director of the Pingtung County Police Department, said when police arrived at the scene he had suffered a heart attack.

He said there was no signs of foul play.

After checking the surveillance video footage and surveying the hotel room, police found the windows to be closed and did not see any signs of a break-in or fighting, nor did we find any wounds on Ou Yang's body, Wang said.

The family of Ou Yang said he had a history of heart disease and had a cardiac stent. Ou Yang, who oversaw the development of various types of missiles, had taken up his role at the institute earlier this year.