Technology has been key driver of change, says Infosys MD

Technology has been key driver of change, says Infosys MD

In a speech by Infosys to Business Today's MindRush event on Tuesday, Salil Parekh, the managing director and CEO of Infosys, said technology has been a key driver of change. In the last many years, Parekh said that there is a huge need to leverage technology, data, AI and digital analytics to drive faster and predictability, which is what we have seen in large enterprise or government departments.

Parekh said that Indian companies are moving at a breakneck speed and that Indian companies are moving at a breakneck speed because of the speed at which Indian companies are adopting technology in uncertain and volatile times. The leverage of technologies is more dynamic. We see leverage of technology in our daily lives when we see it in UPI or India Stack. Parekh said technology is important to make sure decision making is robust and drives for predictability in these uncertain times.

Technology allows us to manage some of the bumps and to reduce some volatility, Parekh said.

He said there was a clear vision that the Govt has on what they want to do to enable citizens in leveraging technology and the government's vision on technology. We have put in place AI, ML, data predictability tech that has helped the Govt increase tax receipts. Parekh highlighted cyber security as one of the critical areas where we built very strong capability in cyber and where we have built very large security operation centre of sorts across the world, ensuring we are monitoring threat metrics for our clients and how to soften in a way the attacks are happening. He said that the Indian companies and government are leveraging technology more than any other economy of this size.

The Infosys boss said that there is a clear vision that the government and many departments have what they want to do to enable citizens to have greater access to technology.

He noted that there needs to be some flexibility as we look ahead to the future of the work, which is why he highlighted the future way of working and flexibility at workplaces. We are seeing our employees coming back to work and clients returning to work, but they are seeking flexibility. Flexibility is here to stay, according to Parekh. As we move forward, we see that the future of work is flexible and allows people to work in remote and in person as we go forward. I think technology enable to work in remote mode and more and more technologies are coming in that are integrating remote and in person modes together, that is how they can interact well, Parekh said.

He said that we are well positioned to support the metaverse. The next 5 -- 10 years will be a huge opportunity for the Metaverse. The real value will be when more and more enterprises and governments start using it. He said that our large clients and CEOs talk most about speed in a VUCA world, because of the theme of VUCANOMICS. They want to predict where their customers are going. The cost becomes very important in this environment.