Teltonika files patent for lung ventilator device

Teltonika files patent for lung ventilator device

An application for the patent of the lung ventilator has been filed after the successful completion of the interim tests by doctors at Vilnius and Kaunas clinics.

According to preliminary estimates of our specialists, we expect to have a production ready device by 2024, as product certification takes up to 12 months, according to Tomas Zamaras, product manager at Teltonika Telemedic.

Teltonika started the project in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a shortage of lung ventilators in hospitals. The company developed the first lung ventilator prototype in a month, and produced 100 of these devices for countries with the greatest demand.

To start the serial production of these devices, Teltonika Telemedic had to obtain certification to make sure that the product meets all the requirements for medical devices.

The total investment into the project is estimated to have exceeded 1.5 million euro, but this amount will grow as the remaining work is carried out. A 0.99 million euro grant from Lithuania's Innovation Agency will cover part of the investment.