Thailand court grants bail to four anti-government protest leaders

Thailand court grants bail to four anti-government protest leaders

Demonstrators demonstrate in Bangkok, Thailand, August 13, 2021, for the government handling of the COVID -19 pandemic in Coronavirus - Disease. RUTERS Soe Zeya Tun Text Photo

A court in Bangkok, Sept. 15 Reuters - A court in Thailand gave bail to four leaders of an anti-government protest movement, their lawyer said, after more than a month in pre-trial detention over unrest at recent demonstrations against the prime minister.

Student-led rallies have gathered steam since late June, when the movement that urged army-backed Premier Prayuth Chanocha's removal last year returned with broader support from other political groups and people angered by a worsening coronavirus crisis with more movements.

Since July there are 767 people facing charges relating to protests with 522 arrested so far, according to police, who have used tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets to break up several of the recent demonstrations.

After an Aug. 2 protest and the granting of their bail followed seven unsuccessful requests, Panupong Mike Rayong Jadnok, Phromsorn Fah Weerathamjaree, Chartchai Kaedum and Nutchanon Pairoj were arrested.

The four will be released under the condition that they have to wear EMT electronic ankle bracelets, Krisadang Nutcharat, one of their lawyers, said Reuters.

Another protest leader Parit Pendent Chiwarak was also granted bail, but was remanded in custody with charges related to protests last year, his lawyer said. Several other core leaders remain in detention awaiting trial.