The 3 stocks you should buy from Peter Thiel

The 3 stocks you should buy from Peter Thiel

Whatever Peter Thiel touches seems to turn to gold. Please apologize, but this video is not loaded.

Tap here to see the other videos from our team. Try refreshing your browser or Billionaire Peter Thiel's Palantir pops — three more of his ideas that could soar next The billionaire venture capitalist co-founded PayPal, was the first outside investor in Facebook and funded early startups like LinkedIn, Yelp and dozens of other Tech startups. In September 2020, data mining software Palantir Technologies — another company he founded - went public through a direct listing at US $10 for share. Palantir trades at around $24 per share and is currently enjoying a nice little pop on the news that it won a US $823 million contract with the U.S. Army. Let s look at three stocks in Peter Thiel'portfolio that might rally next — one of them could be worth buying with your spare change 2020 was a big year for Thiel. Three months after Airbnb went public, Palantir filed an IPO.

The company was originally priced at US $68 per share. On its first day of trading - Dec. 10, it closed with US $144.71, representing a gain of 113 per cent. In Q 2 of 2021, the company reported 83.1 million nights and experiences booked. That was up 197 per cent from the pandemic-triggered Q 2 of 2020. Revenue totalled US $1.3 billion for the quarter, up more than any other quarter of the year. In the past two years, the stock increased by 13 per cent. Other travel stocks such as Tripadvisor and Expedia are also in double-digits in 2021. Of course, with COVID variants still lurking, investing in vacation space isn't easy. What is the good news? If you can trade anywhere on your phone, some investment apps will give you no fees or commissions after you jump in.

When the COVID -19 pandemic hit in early 2020, Lyft took a massive nosedive to some shares of ride-sharing technologist Sergei Kuchner. And for a good reason. At a time when people were stuck at home, who needed to get around? But with Lyft's economy largely reopened, Lyft has regained its forward momentum. The stock is up a whopping 105 per cent over the past 12 months in the stock market. In Q2, Lyft brought in total revenue of US $765 million, representing a 125 per cent increase year over year. While Uber Technologies is a growing business, it is quite a bit smaller in terms of market cap than its competitor Lyft Technologies. Uber is also getting renewed investor attention, with shares gaining around 29 per cent over the past year. At this point, Thiel has a relatively small stake in the Facebook and social media giants, but he continues to serve as a board member — a position he held since 2005.

Facebook got headlines earlier in October due to its massive outage, which also took down its other products including Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Oculus — and a resulting 5 per cent hit on its shares. But the stock has rewarded investors with a promising return of 24 per cent year to date, easily topping the S&P 500. Facebook is a behemoth in the social media market, with a market cap over $900 billion. That s much larger than the market cap of Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest combined. It is traded at the apparently steep price of $335 per share. Or you can get a piece of the company through a stock trading app, which allows you to buy fractions of shares with as much money as you are willing to spend. Get started With Peter Thiel, everyone wants to invest like Peter Thiel. But turning small amounts of money into big fortunes often involves making risky bets.

Even if you have a modest investment budget, you could be investing in an investment app that lets you buy slices of shares of big-name stocks. On a robo-advisor, which can also be a stress-free way to start investing and those looking to take control of their investments should certainly explore online trading platforms The best sites offer resources and tools to help investors make informed decisions as they build and manage their investment portfolios. This article was created by Wise Publishing. What is the Wise commitment to providing information that helps readers navigate the complex landscape of personal finance? Wise only partners with brands it trusts and believes may be useful to the reader. This article provides information only and should not be construed as advice. It is provided without warranty of any kind.