The biological clock is ticking!

The biological clock is ticking!

In his latest My Take, Varney Co. Stuart Varney discusses the generational change taking over U.S. politics and casts doubt on another Biden Trump 2024 matchup, arguing that time is running out for the country's leadership.

STUART VARNEY: Generational change is coming to our politics. For our aging leadership, the biological clock is ticking.

I just can't see a rematch between Biden and Trump in 2024.

He says he'll run, but he has to say that. If he didn't, he'd confirm his lame-duck status only 18 months in.

The influential Atlantic magazine has already stated that he is just too old.

His approval rating is now down to 38%, according to Real Clear Politics.

It is a dangerous time, as the back-up for this failing president is Kamala Harris, who does not inspire confidence.

Donald Trump is on the other side. After the 2020 election, he's taking a beating for his behavior.

January 6th. Hearings painted an ugly picture of White House goings-on.

There are plenty of Republicans who don't want to see that behavior come back.

JANUARY 6 HEARING: TOP 5 Change at the top for both parties! It is a straightforward fight for Democrats to challenge the socialists.

The Republicans are a bit more complicated: who can keep Trump's policies in place without Trump's style.

This is exciting for those of us who enjoy politics, and I do.