The Obama administration to offer workshop on unconscious bias

The Obama administration to offer workshop on unconscious bias

The federal agency that implements employment discrimination laws is providing employers with a workshop focused on unconscious bias, microaggressions and other concepts.

The workshop, entitled Understanding Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, will begin on Aug. 24 as part of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Training Institute.

This first workshop will discuss how bias happens in the workplace, the different types of biases, microaggressions, and provide best practices for employers to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace, read a recent press release by the agency.

It is geared toward attorneys, mediators, human resource personnel, union officials and equal employment opportunity professionals in the private and public sectors, along with other interested parties.

While it's unclear what exactly the training will entail, Wednesday’s news signaled the Biden administration's ongoing interest in promoting ideas associated with critical race theory or anti-racist curriculum.

Katrina Grider, associate director of curriculum, education and training for the EEOC, touted the type of training that was essential in the workshop as vital to the current workforce.

In today's society, it is vital for employers to understand the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and program implementation, and the profound impact it can have on the entire workforce, said Grider. The EEOC is pleased to offer and develop this important education to the employer community.

James Lindsay, a leading CRT opponent who founded New Discourses, told FOX Business: It's just another way to defraud citizens under the pleasant-sounding banner of 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion," which doesn't work except when your goal is to polarize institutions and Sovietize them.