These are the best and worst states in the US for medical care

These are the best and worst states in the US for medical care

As the U.S. continues to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, health care is more important than ever and where you live can determine what kind of care you're able to get.

On Monday, WalletHub published a report that ranked all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. to find the best and worst states for medical care.

WalletHub's report analysis was based on 44 measures within three categories: cost, access and outcomes.

Aside from its overall ranking, WalletHub also tracked how each state performed in regard to some of those 44 measurements.

For example, the report found that Utah tied for highest average monthly insurance premium while West Virginia, Wyoming and Vermont has the lowest average monthly insurance premiums.

Washington, D.C. has the most hospital beds per capita and the largest doctor capacity per capita. It also tied with Wyoming for the place with the most dentists per capita.

Meanwhile, Tennessee has the fewest hospital beds per capita, Idaho has the fewest physicians per capita and Utah has the fewest dentists per capita.

To see the overall ranking, these are the best and worst states - including Washington, D.C. - in health care this year according to WalletHub.