This bison, here's what to expect from today

This bison, here's what to expect from today

It's Thursday, June 30. Hi there. Here's what you need to get caught up on today's news.

One thing to know right now is that our COVID vaccine deals are under the spotlight.

The vaccine deals that the Coalition has been criticized are going to be reviewed by the federal government. Here is the lowdown:

It isn't a full inquiry into the response to the Pandemic. Butler said it will focus on giving advice to the government about what it should focus on in the next few years.

The Commonwealth Bank has increased its fixed mortgage rates by a huge 1.4 per cent.

The Reserve Bank is tipped to increase interest rates next week.

We heard a lot about the destruction of bees.

Commercial apiarist Roland Inman said that the measures would hurt many businesses - and while he's just outside the eradication zone, he has fears:

You may have missed the news that you might have missed.

Australia is looking for a new leader in the field of news.

One more thing: This bison Here is what happened when a man got too close to a bison at Yellowstone National Park in the US:

The man ran up and appeared to be trying to keep himself between the Bison and his family.

One of the animals has responded to someone getting too close by goring them for the second time this year.

Visitors to the park are advised to stay at least 23 m away from the animals.

The man who filmed it, parkgoer Rob Goodall, said he was :

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