This Reddit engineer explains why his karma points will be token

This Reddit engineer explains why his karma points will be token

In order to onboard its 500 million active users in Web 3.0, the American social media platform Reddit is working on converting users karma points intoEthereum-based ERC 20 token.

The Web 3.0 applications are referred to as dapps, which run on blockchains, or decentralized networks, where participants get incentivized for their participation.

The platform plans to increase and improve user interaction through coin incentives, said Rahul, a Reddit engineer, revealing that your Karma points will be token.

Rahul, who joined Reddit in the past, explained some of the key technicalities behind their plan to decentralize the social media platform.

It s like moving from FB to Twitter without having to rebuild your followers, he explained the planned-out transition while assuring users they won t lose their community points in the process.

He said he himself was excited to see what DeFi and NFT applications might be once the new system where users can earn by curating content when the new system rolls out.

500 million active Redditors are on the verge of becoming new users, as Rahul said that this could unravel as a potential highway to mainstream adoption.

How would Reddit pull this off?

In order to build its Web, it was necessary to build it. The social media platform could launch a Layer 2 rollup, which was created by offchain Labs, a company behind the Arbitrum network.

The partnership has enables the creation of a separate blockchain instance that would be used for storing community points in Reddit by using Arbitrum technology.

Community points for 2 subreddits 100,000 users are already on Rinkeby Testnet which is separate to Arbitrum One, as Rahul indicated he had asked users to join rCryptcurrency and rFortNiteBR subreddits.

According to him, there are some cool engineering Innovations coming up as developers continue to work their way to gasless transactions, by further scaling the system.

In early 2021, Reddit community s outreach in the space appeared when Redditors helped fuel the DOGE craze.