TikTok's Michael Boon cracks up geodes to reveal secrets

TikTok's Michael Boon cracks up geodes to reveal secrets

Michael Boon releases ancient magic every time he strikes his hammer against a rock for his TikTok followers.

He splits the Moroccan geodes open, cracking through the shell to expose an individual wonder of science that has never been seen before.

The rocks and minerals can form hundreds of millions of years ago, Boon said.

Throughout history, crystals and geodes have been used for religious, folklore and decorative purposes.

It seems that Boon is not the only person who likes to witness the moment he breaks apart the rocks to reveal the internal crystal formations.

His most popular video has received nearly seven million views.

While unsure why the videos have become so popular, he is excited that more people are learning more about science and geology, as he shares his 13 years of knowledge around rocks and minerals.

It's because it's not something everyone can do, and that's why I think it's not something everyone can do, Boon said.

I mean in most places you can't just crack open a rock and see beautiful crystals inside, as well as it's a bit of an entertaining thing, you never know what's going to be inside of it.

The geodes appear to be regular rocks, but they are hollow and lined with crystals or other minerals.

There are a variety of geodes that range in size and location with the Moroccan geode Sidi Rahal region of Morocco.

The age and science behind how volcanic gas bubbles transform to hidden crystals is part of the appeal of cracking geodes for Mr Boon.

The geodes from Morocco are a limestone geode, according to Mr Boon, to the best of my understanding.

The minerals that create quartz, silica dioxide, fill a cavity in the stone.

Over millions of years, through heating, cooling and heaps of geological processes, they slowly grow into crystals. As an 11-year-old, Mr Boon began learning the craft of gem cutting and polishing by joining the Bundaberg Gem and Mineral Club.

As his collection grew, Mr Boon began transforming his cut and polished work into jewellery which he sold at local markets and even from the front verandah of his Queenslander-style home.

Boon decided to do the grown up thing and get a steady job as he got older, but eventually decided to follow his crystal love and open his own business.

TikTok is a good way to expand my business and show it off to an audience that's bigger than Bundy, Boon said.

Some videos may not get many views but lead to more sales - I had a video like that that led to 400 sales in two weeks.

I just like opening them up and letting people see it for the first time as well.