Tim Tebow to open his first Clean Juice franchise in Florida

Tim Tebow to open his first Clean Juice franchise in Florida

Tim Tebow, a two-time college football national champion and first-round NFL draft pick, will open his first Clean Juice franchise in Florida next month.

In June 2021, Tebow joined Clean Juice as a national ambassador. Clean Juice also made contributions to the Tim Tebow FoundationTim Tebow Foundation through the Quarters 4 Kids campaign that serves underprivileged children. Tebow's store is set to open in Jacksonville.

The former Florida quarterback and Clean Juice CEO Landon Eckles told FOX Business they met each other a little over two years ago. Eckles said that he knew of Tebow's foundational work and that their partnership was a natural fit.

I got to sit down with Landon s wife Kat and Landon to talk foundation work and I was like, wait a second, I love the people, it was awesome, we hit it off, and I was like, I love the production, and then I got to hear the mission statement and the process behind it, and I was like, this is really cool. Tebow said that they just figured out more ways to partner up.

I got my first store opening in a couple of weeks and I got my first store opening in a couple of weeks, which I am super excited about. I love it because of the country where I go, I get a chance to stop in and have a great product. The way that they impact so many people, and the encouragement to not be ashamed for what they stand for, and why they are doing it, is something that is so encouraging to me. It is important to see the impact it has made on so many people. Clean Juice was launched in 2016 as the first and only USDA-certified juice and food bar franchise. Eckles told FOX Business that the company opened its 200th store earlier this year and served almost four million customers nationwide.

Eckles said we want to impact people. Every single day we have a chance to do that. We served almost four million guests last year. We have the chance to improve four million lives, and that number keeps growing.

We started because we wanted to have a place that served an organic and truly healthy product in the community that we serve. My wife is very passionate about health and wellness. She got me into it eventually. We wanted to do something together, take our strengths and create something that could benefit people, not just in the food we serve, but the way that we impacted them every single time they came into our store. Eckles suggested that a Clean Juice name, image and likeness NIL program could happen someday.

NIL deals have been a big part of college athletics in the past. Everybody from Tom Brady to local air conditioning companies seem to have NIL deals with college athletes.

We are opening stores every week. Eckles said that we have only really been doing this for six years and to have over 200 locations at this point is absolutely incredible. We have an incredible partnership with Tim Tebow right now. We know a lot of athletes, a lot of great people who are awesome people and could be great ambassadors. We haven't done anything yet. We think that could be an opportunity one day.