Tokyo records 4,561 COVID-19 infections in January

Tokyo records 4,561 COVID-19 infections in January

The metro government announced on January 15 that Japan had recorded 4,561 coronaviruses infections after recording 4,051 cases the previous day.

COVID 19 cases have been rising in the capital as a result of a sixth wave of infections.

During the first week of January, Tokyo had an average of 338.5 infections per day, spiking to 1,950. In the second week, there were 4. The capital saw a total of 923 coronaviruses infections in December 2021, a daily average of 29.8, 562 cases in November for an average of 18.7 cases per day, 2,176 total cases in October, an average of 70.2 cases per day and 31,929 total cases in September, an average of 1,064. 3 per day By Jan. 14, 3,177 people had died of COVID 19 in Tokyo since the pandemic began in Japan in the spring of 2020.

Tokyo has recorded 403,662 infections to date, the most among Japan's 47 prefectures. There were 1,156 COVID- 19 patients hospitalized in Tokyo on January 14, three of whom had severe symptoms.

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