Top stories from the Financial Times: Russia arrested for spying for UK


Sept 12 - The following are the top stories in Financial Times. Reuters has not vetted these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Russia arrests Briton on suspicion of spying for UK https: 2 Xp 7 Pa 5 Ga 5

- BHP Group PlcBHP Group Plc has been advised by shareholder activist Market Forces to divert its fossil assets rather than run down its assets to meet the objectives of Paris Climate Agreement.

Education leaders have called on the UK Government to support universities as higher education institutions are struggling to accommodate a larger number of students following a surge in top A-level marks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to cut off plans to ban the sale of new gas boilers in the UK from mid- 2030, over concerns from ministers and Conservative Party lawmakers about the costs to consumers of transitioning to net zero emissions.

- Russian prosecutors on Wednesday said that they have arrested a British man working in the Russian intelligence service at the UK embassy in Berlin on suspicion of passing documents to the UK intelligence service.